SF Go Club

New and Ongoing Events


No-Question-Too-Dumb Go Seminar with Jiang Mingjiu (7p)

Mingjiu will hold his next seminar at the club on Saturday, April 19, 2014, at 7:30 PM (changed from April 5). Please bring at least one game record with you to the seminar. No more than 50 moves are necessary, and it’s fine if you present a memorized game. MinGjiu gives his professional critique and everyone gets to ask questions. It's all lots of fun, relatively painless, and extraordinarily instructive.Thanks to the American Ing Goe Foundation there is no cost to participants.

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon of Go

Come to the club on Sunday, play all you want and pay no day fee! Mid-afternoon is probably the best time to get a game. How can you pass this up?

Check this link for an updated schedule of tournaments, lessons, and other Go events in the greater bay area.


Farewell Party

Friday, April 18

The party was originally scheduled for Saturday the 19th, but we've had to move it back by a day. Mark your calendars! On Friday April 18th at 7pm, we are going to celebrate the life of our soon-to-be closed club house, with an evening of food, drink, and Go playing. This is a great opportunity to meet the members of the Go club and enjoy some pizza, beer, and other drinks at our expense.